The power of contextual targets, autonomous drones, and Big Data

A soldier checking computers

AI has tremendous economic opportunities, but its impact is not limited to the private sector. As countries such as Russia, China or the United States heralds AI as an urgent priority, a race is on among national intelligence services to lead these innovations.

According to Brigadier General Y.S., Big Data…

Assessing outcomes vs intention.

Robot pressing his fists

Did you already get upset against a constantly crashing computer?

We might assume we have less sympathy for misfunctioning apps or poorly design algorithms than for clumsy humans. Yet, these feelings are more ambiguous.

Rather than getting mad at them or putting them to blame, users may be more sympathetic…

Fusing human and machine into one body.

As machine-learning and neural network technologies are making progress towards general AI, roboticists like Rodney Brook or Andy Clark are increasingly promoting the idea of embodied cognition.

They argue that AI devices would need a body structure to collect feedbacks about themselves, to interact with each other, and therefore become…

A history of user interfaces in space

An American spacecraft

Since the creation of NASA in 1958, American spacecraft designers have all faced the face dilemma : should we add more automatic controls to improve reliability ; or more human controls to keep astronauts in the loop ?

Through Mercury, Gemini or Apollo, NASA engineers have overcome this conundrum by…

Automation will create a new kind of heroism.

An astronaut looking to the sky

U.S. space expeditions had often faced the same question: should spacecraft be fully automated, or should pilots keep some control?

With the famous Apollo Missions, NASA decision-makers’ choice was first to automate the Lunar Space Module for the sake of reliability. …

History and examples of human-touch cobots

Robots handling water

We say that automation is the enemy of workers in factories. Yet, as collaborative robots emerge that respond to workers’ touch, designers have found a way to combine machine computing power with human creative abilities.

Whether in factories, workshops or even in our homes, these intelligent devices are endowed with…

An example of human-cobot knitting teamwork

While in the 18’s century weaving machines have automated fabric making, the manual practice of knitting makes today a strange comeback. Knitting enthusiasts, by incorporating robots in their craft, rediscover it under a more creative angle.

What we call collaborative robots (cobots) are especially transforming the practice of knitting, making…

Preventing harmful human-robot interactions

An engineer handling a robotic system

As robots will move into our homes or on our sidewalks, many safety issues will certainly arise. While conducting their missions, they might easily injure users at their command or even simple bystanders.

Yet many dangers of human-machine interaction are invisible, and therefore require long and thorough testing. …

The challenge of designing affordances on ever-evolving robots

A girl holding her hand to a robot

The mission of UX design has always been the same: creating an interface to help users achieve their goal. But how do you create such an interface in interaction with intelligent and ever-evolving robots?

Whether it’s delivery robots or self-driving cars, robot designers will need to create affordances between the…

The challenge of building collaborative interfaces

There have never been so many intelligent interfaces and automation systems to assist us in our everyday work. From airplanes navigation to patient monitoring systems in hospitals, machines are constantly providing essential feedback.

However, this does not leave us immune to errors (sometimes very serious) coming from the rigidity of…

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