4 ways I’m building differentiating skills in my workday

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When I’ve started my new job in full remote, I was worried that it didn’t stimulate my mind enough by giving me mindless tasks.

Fortunately, I found my employer to be a supporter of demanding and elaborate work. He understood my need to work long hours without being interrupted by superficial tasks. In this case, to work on the creation of engaging and interactive marketing content.

He had even his opinion about it : “During my days, I always try to manage my time to make the most of my work potential. …

Employees are more creative when left to their intuitive cognition.

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Have you ever attended an improv show? In this kind of scene, the actors are forced to invent a character on the spot, without even having a second to predict what will happen next. It’s as if their decisions and actions come together without the need for previous reflections.

Well, according to Malcolm Gladwell in Blink, these instantaneous cognitive acts are not due to mysterious intuitive abilities but to simple rules that every actor must follow. …

The 3 benefits of expanding and deepening your senses

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One day, calling me to see if I had found my feet in my new job, my employer told me about his day:

“You know, today I had an appointment with an agency client in Marseille (i.e a city in France). I took my bike and climbed up the hills to meet him in Cassis on the other side. So that made my day of sport. “

“Like me, nothing prevents you from taking breaks as you like. …


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